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Wondering How to Plug Your Blog into Profit? You Need These Content Marketing Shortcuts and Essential Programs for Success.

Free and Low-Cost Tools and Resources to Grow Your Online Business.

Ready to grow an online business? Sign up for the following (or similar programs and tools) if you want to start making money online and earning passive income by sharing niche content.

What to Sign Up For if You Want to Make Passive Income Online

Here's EXACTLY what to sign up for if you want to create passive income by selling digital products online.


Get a Website or Blog with Domain names from GoDaddy and MomWebs Hosting.

STOP sharing ONLY on social. You MUST have a blog if you want to monetize. I like Network Solutions and MomWebs for hosting...  GoDaddy for domain names. Try Wordpress as your blogging platform.

Post from wherever you go, even your smart phone. Just log into your hosting account after you sign up. You'll find WordPress installation instructions there, or even a one-click install button.


Grow Your List! Get a Permission-Based, Email List Manager like Aweber.

Use a real list manager to build your list. It's really important, this is where your orders come in from if you sell stuff. I love Aweber and so do my colleagues. I JUST guided a client friend through the setup. She is THRILLED not to manage email from her gmail inbox!

Get a source for stock images to use in your website or blog, social, newsletter and any other place where you post content. 

Pexels.com has lots of professional quality images for you to download as a member. Your social media, blog and digital products MUST show gorgeous images!


You need a program to EASILY manage graphic design and document layouts. Canva is IT!

Canva is the most amazing design and layout program that you can use to create logos, ebooks, printables and much more.

Sell ebooks on autopilot via email. Your ebooks should help people solve a SPECIFIC program. Sell through e-junkie with PayPal.

Set up a business account on Paypal and start a monthly membership with E-Junkie.com (you have to use them together or the buyer won't be able to download their product from you.)


Do the Ultimate: Offer Coaching Courses. Get Done-for-You Content from Coach Glue to super speed-up the process.

It's TIME. The time for online course creation is NOW. Coach Glue has incredible coaching courses all ready for you to purchase, download, edit, brand and sell.


You may decide you'd like a course selling platform. Your best bet is Teachable! 

Try their amazing free trial, just start an account and then get some practice in by launching and selling your first course to TEN people of your choosing. Once you do this, you'll know exactly how to create brilliant teaching materials that offer your clients myriad ways to learn.


Sign up for a Basic Wordfeeder PLR membership here.

Oh, and please use an email address that you check daily yet where I will not be interrupting your daily workflow. I want you to be HAPPY to find our mails in your inbox. :)