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Call to Life and Business Coaches: Get Savvy About Online Business...

Done-for-You Coaching Content Will Help You Slide Right into the 6- and 7-Figure Earning Realm.

Work FAR Less Yet Make MUCH More

Our High Quality Coaching Content is Ready for You to Plug into Profit and Teach Your Followers How to Do the Same

Hey, Hardworking Coach or Online Expert!

Hi, I'm Dina. I Have So Much To Teach You About Pre-Written Content and Done-for-You Online Courses!

It's really nice to "meet" you! My name is Dina, my site is Wordfeeder, and my expertise covers writing web content for coaches and online experts.

Back in the early to mid '00s, I had a full roster of coaches from various fields on my list: business coaches, life coaches, health coaches, and more. These busy professionals relied on my wordsmithing skills to make them look great.

But yet... back then, neither my coaching clients nor I had quite mastered the meaning of maximizing your profit online. So we were still doing it the hard way - custom-creating everything, starting from the beginning for each new project. Not only is this time-consuming and repetitive, but it's sure to rack up a high bill for writing services.

Well, guess what? I FINALLY got smart about online business, and now I'm inviting you to join me in success.

These days, as a busy mom and wife I don't have the leisure of working long hours from sun-up to sun-down and well into the late shift. And besides, I don't want to be a slave to my business, and I'm sure that you don't, either.

That's why I created a private member area on Wordfeeder. Sign up for free, and enjoy instant access to TONS of free and low-priced coaching content.

Re-brand the articles under your own name. Turn them into digital products that create profits and help people. All in a fraction of the time it would take you from scratch.

Not only will you find thoughtfully-written information-rich articles and content to fill your info product pipeline... but you'll also get recommendation of other, trusted coaching content providers when you hop on my list.

I'm going to make it SO easy for you to benefit financially from our association... you won't believe the dearth and breadth of information out there with private label publishing rights, that will help you build a rich and robust learning experience for your clients, fans and followers.

I'm also going to expertly guide you in what types of content and online publishing practices to steer clear of... because nobody wants to be on their clients' bad side as a result of something silly, like lack of knowledge.

You're Invited. Sign Up for Wordfeeder's "Smart Coach" Content Membership right now.

Just $10 to gain entry... then you get to download lots of free article packs from the FREE PLR area of your member account.

Explore the inner world of Wordfeeder's content membership. Test drive our content. Log in and try out our free articles. Then consider the upgrade to our MASSIVE VALUE PLR monthly memberships!

Our PLR monthly content is designed to help you EASILY create online courses, ebooks, workshops and much more.

Download sets of 15 Articles from our Business, Life Coach and Weight Loss PLR Memberships... and this is what you can create...

E-books and e-guides. It's up to you how long or short you want your ebook to be. With pre-written content, it's super simple to add or delete chapters as needed. You can develop a comprehensive e-guide that you charge a premium for, then create free, smaller reports that give readers a taste of what's to come.

Blog posts and website articles. When the content's already researched and written for you, it only takes a short time to pop done-for-you articles into blog posts. An active blog that's updated frequently drives targeted traffic your way. So you'll always have new subscribers coming into the fold who already want what you sell!

Newsletter and email marketing content. With private label rights articles at the ready, you can choose from a wide selection of tips, hints and how-tos to educate your reader on any given topic. Put your name on this content, edit as needed, and publish in your monthly newsletter to create a connection with readers and drive more ebook and ecourse sales.

Done-for-You Ecourse Content, Workshops and Coaching Planners. These are the big ticket content purchases that, while you may need a bit of fundage up front to get started, are still much more economical than shelling out thousands for a copywriter or ghostwriter, editor or VA. You will ONLY hear about top-notch, first-rate coaching content providers here on Wordfeeder.

Done-for-you tips, social media teasers, Tweets and even high quality images. I will even hook you up with trusted designers who know their way around the web and have done-for-you image packs. You need these short bits of information content to get heads turning your way.

Lead people to your list and your product sales pages with a "read more" link.

I could continue telling you about all the amazing things you can create and profit from when you put pre-researched, pre-written private label rights content to work for your business.

But rather than telling you, how about I just show you? Here are a few freebies to kick off your NEW mission of creating MORE sellable info products in LESS time

FREE Coach's Brainstorm: 43 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Coaching Ecourse



FREE "About Page Copywriting" Template for Your Personal Use or for Sharing With Clients



FREE Ecourse Creation Tutorial for Coaches and Experts


Again, this is just a taste of what's to come. You ALSO get free PLR articles to publish in all kinds of hot, sought-after niches... low priced content deals that you'll only find on the inside... recommendation to other, trusted PLR content providers and more.


This Digital Product is Offered as PLR: Private Label Rights Content. Use it to Create Profits for Your Coaching Business or Niche Website.

Create and launch digital products & coaching programs. Help people solve problems and live better, affordably.

Offer PDF courses by email or hosted privately.

Launch a multi-media course on a site like Teachable

Create a paid video course

Launch an email course or challenge.

Make into client learning materials.

Get new signups and connect with your fans and followers.

Offer an ebook, whitepaper, special report or series of tips as an opt-in gift.

Turn into an article feature for your email newsletter.

Use the content to make a short, free webinar to give your followers a taste of what's to come.

Grow your brand and increase your reach by publishing authoritative content.

Share as blog posts or web articles.

Post the articles on social media with a link back to your blog or sign-up page.

Make video talks, slide shows or tutorials to share on your channel.

Add to Pinterest pins to drive traffic back to your blog.
RULES: Edit, brand, copy, cut, paste, add to and change this any way you like. Do not publish originator's name. Do not resell as PLR. You may offer personal rights to your customers.


Work SMARTER, Not Harder

NO paying a writer to create this from scratch for hundreds of dollars

NO more slaving away at the computer for weeks and weeks to create this on your own

YES this can be branded with your name and business details. You can edit it, add to it, change it, and publish any way you like - give away, sell as an ebook, it's up to YOU.

Sign up for a $10 Basic PLR Membership now. Or... jump right in with our VERY AFFORDABLE, content-packed, paid monthly memberships.

Sign up for your FREE PLR Coaching Content Membership right now:

Sample the FREE articles that are available for download right from the FREE PLR area at the top of your member area once you log in. Post them on your blog. Make a quick ebook to set up as a free opt-in gift...

Then, be sure to start opening my mails!

I will share with you everything I know about how to use done-for-you content to take your coaching business into the next level of productivity and profit. Check the top menu and look under FREE PLR to see what's offered.

How to Access Your PLR Content:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

THANKS for supporting our freelance businesses. CHEERS to you in yours!