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About Dina of Wordfeeder PLR

Former Copywriter Turned Private Label Rights Content Creator

Hi, I'm Dina. I've worked as a copywriter, first in corporate advertising and later for the web, since 1996. I adore my work, write without ego, and get my jollies from helping clients grow their businesses.

I run the private label rights membership hosted here at Wordfeeder.com.

Work-from-home mom with a marketing and copywriting background...

I work from home, trading my mom hat for my copywriter hat, and switching back again, daily.

If you're a mom who writes or designs and would like to create income online from anywhere (home, the park, a swanky cafe, other)... follow along with me and the people I recommend in online business.

I posted a form farther down this page if you'd like to sign up and keep up!

Hourly Copywriting and Copy Editing Services for Those in Need

I still freelance write and make blogs for clients, but only on a very limited basis. My rate starts from $70 per hour. It takes about 2 hours to draft a blog post or web article of about 800 words, from scratch.

Reach out to me for a quote if you respond in a timely fashion to emails, revel in draft reviews, and thoroughly enjoy collaborating on creative projects.

Email dina@wordfeeder.com.

Prefer to Save a Ton on Done-for-You Content that You, or a Virtual Assistant, Edits to Fit Your Projects?

In 2016, I shifted from freelance copywriter to PLR writer who manages my own PLR membership. I didn't know how to run this joint for a while, but now I'm getting good!

I've teamed up with a small group of talented writers to bring you the highest quality, pre-researched, information-packed, most lovingly crafted PLR content around.

Need articles with private label rights to edit and use in all of your publishing tasks?

Sign up and try some free articles now.

Sign up for the Basic PLR Membership Now

Are You a Writer, Too? Learn to Sell PLR Online.

If you think you'd like to learn how to sell online while balancing being there for your kids, sign up below. I'll share with you all the tricks passed down to me from those who came before.

(If you're unable to see a form here, you may have to shut off your browser's ad blocker.

Email dina@wordfeeder.com to be added manually to our list. Thank you!)

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