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Niches for Coaches

How can a Coach create a niche website?

Why would they want to?

Well, because it's not enough to just hit the web hollering "Hello there, I'm a coach! I'm different from all those other coaches, I swear!"

(We know you're different. But clients won't know that until they work with you, so first we have to attract some first. Here's how.)

The real secret to gaining a loyal coach following is to Be Bold, and Write for a SPECIFIC Niche that you're interested in serving. Key word: SPECIFIC.

I'll use divorce as an example. Pretty specific. That's a topic where people need a lot of support and someone in their corner to help them get through a tough period in their life.

If you start a website that talks openly to people going through a divorce, then you've narrowed down your niche. The helpful tips you publish will begin drawing in fans and admirers who may very well decide to be your client, purchase your programs, and share them with their friends.

If you don't want to work with people in the midst of a divorce, then write for a different niche. What do you LOVE? Are you an unofficial health guru? If you're already a licensed coach, then you have all you need to make it official – so make a blog, get a logo, and start publishing articles for the health nut crowd!

There's no reason why you should be slogging over these niche-specific articles all day and night. What you need is a content provider who will crank out your web content for you!

So sit back, put your feet up, and let our professional content talk through you so you can attract your chosen target audience!

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