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How Can a Business Coach Profit from PLR Content?

PLR, for those who don't know, stands for Private Label Rights. When you buy PLR content such as blog posts, article packs and social media images, you're purchasing the RIGHTS to publish it in your own name.

I would almost call it No Frills website content, except that sort of implies poor quality. The writing expertise showcased in any given PLR pack you purchase is as varied as the PLR experts who write it.

That said: how can you be sure the PLR that you purchase will be from a trustworthy and reliable source? Well, as with most things you buy on the web, the more thumbs-ups you can get from well-known faces in the industry, the greater likelihood that the PLR you buy will past muster with your readers.

So, now that we've discussed the basics of PLR, let's talk about how a business coach can use it to save tons on marketing and even boost their client sales.

The FIRST thing you should do with a new PLR (private label rights) content pack is edit out the parts you don't like, freshen it up with your own headlines and voice, add your own ideas, and then upload together with your images, fonts and other branding elements.

Now that the PLR looks and sounds like you…

  • Use pre-written content (PLR) to create opt-in offers that will put your list-building on speed.
  • Use pre-written content to create and sell ebooks. Include the ebooks as extra bonus products offered as part of your coaching membership. Create new coaching workshops using your completed ebooks as the basis of the course.
  • Use PLR to fashion a 30-day challenge that you can run on a private area of your blog, via your member area and delivered by autoresponder, or in your social media groups.
  • Use PLR to publish sets of topic-specific blog posts that help you drive traffic to your opt-in pages.
  • Print out PLR articles to share in your coaching workshops, either online or in-person.
  • Use existing PLR content to create videos, podcasts, spoken presentations… even snip out parts to massage and work into the book you're writing!

What Kind of Coach Can You Be?

Coaches aren't just for business. Check out any of our thriving private label rights content categories for ideas on how you can mold your coaching services around specific topics that people want to know more about:


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