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Be one of the first to offer guidance and insights on an extremely important and timely topic: Smart Phone Mindfulness. Ever wonder how people are really supposed to put mindfulness into action with phones constantly vying for our attention? Well now you have content to help your readers address this so they can live their best life while using smart phones to cultivate happy, healthy relationships and more.

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Explore this video run-through of our 7,250-word written content package of 13 marriage advice articles specially written for the psychology, counseling, coaching, therapy and home and family audiences. I leave no stone unturned, even elaborating on the ideas presented with each article and how you can use them in your psychology practice with clients.

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50 Inspiring Life-isms: Done-for-You Social blurbs to Post and share

Inspire conversations in your social media groups. Thought-provoking PLR social media blurbs are short enough for a quick read but long enough to be interesting. "Inspiring Life-isms" will connect you with your tribe! All new, highest quality PLR.

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Get a Sneak Peek at our done-for-you content

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