NEw! Business Devotions For Christian Entrepreneurs

For your blog, email sequence, or social media... Enjoy Private Label Rights to a 10 Week Business Devotional (devotions for Monday-Friday for 10 weeks) for the Christian Entrepreneur.

  • Week One
    • Monday: Stretching Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Praying For Your Business
    • Wednesday: A Biblical Model for Praying for Growth
    • Thursday: Without Faith, Prayer Falls Flat
    • Friday: Prayers and Affirmations for Your Business
  • Week Two
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Living on God’s Economy
    • Wednesday: Promises from Deuteronomy
    • Thursday: Participating in God’s Economy
    • Friday: God’s Economy Operates At God’s Direction
  • Week Three
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: What is a Calling?
    • Wednesday: Do you love what you do?
    • Thursday: How Do You Answer The Call?
    • Friday: What if others don’t see it?
  • Week Four
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: We’re All Gifted
    • Wednesday: How to Operate in Your Gifts
    • Thursday: You Will Feel His Pleasure
    • Friday: Spiritual Gifts Affirmations
  • Week Five
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Managing Your Time By Planning Ahead
    • Wednesday: Managing Your Time By Prioritizing Activities
    • Thursday: Managing Your Time By Dropping What Doesn’t Deserve Priority
    • Friday: The Power of Full Engagement
  • Week Six
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Doing Business By The Book
    • Wednesday: Pricing Yourself
    • Thursday: Partnering with Others
    • Friday: Some Business Checkpoints
  • Week Seven
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Wise Counselors
    • Wednesday: Action Should Follow Good Advice
    • Thursday: Too Many Chefs
    • Friday: Affirmations for Wisdom and Counsel
  • Week Eight
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Low Self Esteem
    • Wednesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Procrastination
    • Thursday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Shiny Object Syndrome
    • Friday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Lack of Balance
  • Week Nine
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: You Don’t Have to Be Something More…
    • Wednesday: It is often about the littlest details – so write it down.
    • Thursday: How Can You Wow Someone?
    • Friday: Excellence is On Time
  • Week Ten
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Symbolism & Branding Your Business
    • Wednesday: Witnessing 101 – Let them ask you
    • Thursday: Witnessing 201 – Tell them how God changed your life
    • Friday: Witnessing 301 – Offering to pray for and with them.


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"30 Days of Forgiveness" Devotional Content Pack from Daily Faith PLR

Searching for inspiring Christian content to share in your devotional or Christian blog? Do you publish a faith newsletter? Kelly and Tish at Daily Faith PLR have a rebrandable content package that's perfect for you to share. Thankgiving and Christmas are the time
of year to reflect, forgive, and cherish friends and loved ones. This pre-written package of faith content will make publishing simple for you.

Devotional Titles include:

  • Choosing Compassion
  • Love Is Kind to You
  • Facing Grief
  • Build a Bridge
  • A Heavy Load
  • Finding Freedom from Hate
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Who Is This Man?
  • Redeeming Failures
  • The Love Itself
  • Welcome Home
  • Loving Boundaries
  • Carried to Jesus
  • The First Martyr


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