Done-for-You Coaching Content: What's HOT in the VIP Room?

Ready to accelerate your coaching or other type of expert business into six or seven figures and beyond? Kickstart your biz, attract your perfect clients, and start conducting business with your whole, beautiful soul. You and your clients can work on it together. Wonderful, done-for-you coaching content and prewritten workshops like the ones we share here make it all possible!

HOW Does a Coach Take Her Income to the Next Level Without Working Herself to Utter Burnout?

Hey, my smart coach! Do you have a list of followers who just burn to know how to set themselves financially free, live their best life, and bust through to six figures or even beyond?

As we've heard many times before from the most seasoned online business experts, the biggest MISS that many coaches make is to NOT have a list. Sure, it's great to have clients, if that's what you want. But a LOT of work goes into courting and keeping them signed on with you!

Now if you're list-building, and teaching your followers to do the same, EVERYBODY is on the right track. But once your list starts forming, what then?

You need something to teach them, that they'll go for, be impressed by and thankful for the knowledge. Think workshops, planners, e-courses. YES! Online courses… THE thing that every smart coach has in her back pocket. SO much more affordable and user-friendly than pleading with your clients to sign on for another 20 hours next month. Right!? You KNOW it's true.

What if you had a package of high-level workshop content that taught YOUR clients how to create online courses. And then, what if your clients could then turn around and teach what they had learned from YOU, to THEIR clients?

That's the beauty of having done-for-you content from Coach Glue ready to transform you into an instant authority in the business coaching niche. And they well know this. So when the savvy ladies of Coach Glue offer a highly-sought-after Premium Package of theirs for $100 off… YOU know that this is gonna be a winner and BIG seller with your own audience.

The ladies of Coach Glue wanted me to offer this to you: 100 off one of their best-selling workshops today through Thursday.

Take advantage of promotional code 100 on their highly popular Premium Package: How to Create and Sell $1k to $10k Packages

You'll have everything you need to turn this into high-value course material to brand as yours, and offer to your list immediately. Perfect timing for a lively and inspired time of year... warm, beautiful June!

Use promo code: 100
Ends Thursday, June 13th at midnight

Go here and see what you get, incredibly high-value, and impressive as always.

And PS, as I know because I've lived this as a professional copywriter. It would run you thousands to have a course like this made from scratch for your company. Why not take a major shortcut right now? Just think: this could have your name on it and all ready to go out to your list, as soon as this coming week. So don't pass it up!


"Buy Now" opens up a new window to a page on Coach Glue's website where you can learn more and order.

Need a Side Hustle This Summer? Coach Glue's Got You Covered Thanks to Done-for-you Content


This is a Done-for-You Planner that You Can Sell as a Product or Challenge, Add to Your Membership Site, Or Create a VIP Day from

Hey, my coach friend if that's your chosen profession. Are you freaking out about summer yet? Yes, I mean kids… home from school. This is about to wreak havoc on all the business moms' focus and productivity. And YES, pay attention to this… that includes YOUR audience of readers, and YOUR clients!

Does your coaching income go down in summer, or does it go up? This all depends on how you approach profit building at a busy, busy time of year. In summer, spirits are high, people tend to be a bit more impulsive but also distractible. Late hours are kept… peeps are out there getting their share of fun and sun. They come in late, kids go to bed, maybe the computer gets fired up after hours. What then?! Will you be seen, heard, will your products make a splash with the right people?

Do you HAVE any products to offer this summer? If not… let's go!

The time is nigh for you to kill it with a Summer Side Hustle. Hear me out.


Do your coaching clients dial down their work with you as their coach? If they do…. maybe it's time to start thinking about a new angle, ie turning services into products using content that is ALREADY written.

Your smart, entrepreneurial moms know that they've got to have funds funneling in to keep the cash flowing for their summer expenditures. And you know this, too.

So why not fill everyone's pockets with a terrific and inspiring "side hustle" package from Coach Glue!

Whether you are a coach with kids who needs to buckle down and push out a sexy new product right quick that will get heads turning and profits funneling your way to cover the expenses, vacations and frivolities of summer…

Or if you're a coach who does NOT have kids in school BUT you know your clients do and it's about to get nutty in your client roster as moms start freaking out about money and time…  (or maybe you don't even work with many clients who have children, but still, summer is "vacation" for all of us…)


Then take a look at this done-for-you Side Hustle package from Coach Glue that can be yours to edit, brand, beautify and sell as soon as this afternoon, for UNDER 50 BUCKS!


"Buy Now" opens up to a new window on Coach Glue's site where you can learn more and order.


Thank you for considering the products and tools recommended from Dina at Wordfeeder PLR. I wish you an incredibly prosperous year!

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